From concept to conversion in three months
Aussie Built combines master craftsmanship with ancient building techniques to create beautiful, durable rammed earth structures. Aussie Built is the brainchild of Mick Gower, an Australian master carpenter and builder. Gitwit worked collectively to create Aussie Built’s logo, launch a website, and reach out to target customers directly.

What We Did

user research + product strategy + UX/UI + launch strategy + animation

the brand

Our process started with deeply understanding people. We conducted interviews, and directly participate with stakeholders and users. We did this to build personas that concretely embody the behaviors, goals, and challenges of our users. These portraits guided every decision we made about features, flow, interactions, and design.

the site

Our team was not phased by the lack of time and resources needed to create a completely custom website. We quickly stood up a squarespace website and made sure we had a landing page for our target audience to learn more about rammed earth construction and Aussie Built.


the brand collateral

Gitwit created a direct mail package containing a personalized printed card, photo postcard, business card, and custom designed stamp. Gitwit printed and mailed the letter package and sent the targeted customers a followup email.  

Within 2 months of working together, Mick landed his first meeting with a top architecture firm.

One respondent commented directly on the marketing, saying "Your mailer was awesome — one of the best targeted marketing efforts I've ever seen."