Launch an entire line of cordless products across the globe

Clearly and simply communicate a complex value proposition

As Hilti prepared to launch many new cordless tools globally, they wanted to tell a bigger — but more complicated — story. Their cordless tools are some of the best engineered on the planet, but Hilti brings equal if not greater value to their customers by providing ideas, services, and support that no one in the industry can even come close to matching.

Build a strategy based on
deeply understanding the decision makers

Through in-depth interviews and immersion in the sales process, we discovered and developed key personas involved in the purchasing process. We then crafted a landing page strategy that persuasively "spoke to" each of their needs from a product and service perspective.

Interview Focused Video

In our deep dive with Hilti's customers, we learned of their desire to see and hear the impact Hilti has on real jobsites and to make their advantages easy to grasp. Our team conceptualized and produced two pieces of video content. The first was an interview-driven video filmed in Munich and Philadelphia that focused on the service message, while the second focused on the technology behind Hilti's newly redesigned battery.

Behind the scenes - Munich, Germany


Product Based Video