Changing the way businesses hire

A simple, elegant user experience

Hogan Assessments is used by many of the world’s biggest companies to hire the right people and develop them. Hogan called on us to design a highly intuitive user experience that would make it possible for small- and medium-sized businesses to tap the power of hard science.

Discover: Persona building
and problem finding

Our process started with deeply understanding people. We conducted interviews, and directly participate with stakeholders and users. We did this to build personas that concretely embody the behaviors, goals, and challenges of our users. These portraits guided every decision we made about features, flow, interactions, and design.

Build: Prototype, iterate, validate

We build to learn and gain real-world feedback as quickly as possible. Sketches and wireframes were shared and discussed with our stakeholders. Higher-fidelity prototypes were tested with samples of target users. We were methodical about capturing feedback and acting on it to improve the product. We build, measure, learn, iterate… repeat.

Launch: A Marketing Story that
Matches the Product Story

When a new product is developed it is built to solve a specific problem and tell a specific story. All too often, an ad agency is then brought in and then creates another story on top of this one. They don’t usually match up and will often miss the mark. Because we have the unique capability to both create products and market them, we are able to apply that deep understanding to the customer and the new solution.