The world's favorite pregnancy pillow

Over 10,000 followers in 5 months

The Snoogle is the world’s best selling pregnancy pillow. Leachco approached us for help crafting a brand identity that would set them apart as a company that sells more than just a great pregnancy pillow. We set out to redefine package design, web design, content, and social presence into something more memorable.

New packaging for Babies-R-Us, Wal-Mart and more

Their main channel of communication with customers is through packaging that gets picked up off a retail shelf or delivered to a doorstep. We designed packaging to match the quality of the products it holds.

We shot new product photos to compete with their boutique competitors who resonate with moms obsessed with a more stylish, Instagram-esque vibe. We aimed to showcase their best-selling products in a modern light by creating custom web content.

Leachco needed a website that helped customers find out more about their products to help make a purchase decision. We used the website to tell the incredible story of the family at the heart of these great products.